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Product documents such as design files (models, assemblies, schematics, specifications), manufacturing files (assembly drawings, PCB, Gerber), and supplier files (datasheets, compliance documents, specifications, quotes) are critical components in managing the complete product record.
Access, availability, and revision control are necessary functions to effective document control.
"Our company needed a way to efficiently and effectively manage our documents and overall product development process. Omnify's document management capabilities has not only satisfied this need but also helped to improve our bottom line."
-Director of Quality and Regulatory, ZONARE Medical Systems
Omnify Empower provides a complete document management system:
  • Vaulting/revision control with check-in/check-out features
  • Document associations to any Omnify object (Items, BOMs, Changes/ECOs, Projects, Quality, Training)
  • User privileges for viewing and editing
  • Automated change notification for Training

Benefits of Omnify Empower Document Management

  • Centralized storage of product data and documents
  • Controlled editing and viewing of documents
  • Complete revision control of all documents
  • Easy access to documents (eliminate manual searching for files/directories)
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Document Management

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