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Managing the Bill of Material (BOM) is a key component in managing the definition of a product. An inaccurate or incomplete BOM can cause lost weeks in a schedule and result in wasted production runs.
Companies that do not leverage an electronic system like Omnify Empower to manage BOMs can suffer from inaccurate data, lack of revision control to view and track changes, and informal Change/ECO management processes.
"With the implementation of Omnify PLM software, we have been able to achieve a single Engineering BOM that is controlled in Omnify PLM and can only be changed via the formal Omnify Change process. The process is automatic and fool proof and there can no longer be a difference between what is designed and what is built."
- R.M. “Marty” Jeide, program manager, Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems
Omnify Empower provides full Bill of Material (BOM) management functionality including:
  • Complete BOM revision control and audit trail
  • Structured Change/ECO management process to control BOM (and other data) changes
  • "Where Used/Not Used" information available on all items/parts
  • Comprehensive importing/exporting/reporting to and from various file formats
  • Direct integration with ERP system for automated BOM uploads/updates
  • BOM comparisons (compare multiple BOMs)
  • Complete BOM hierarchy viewing from a single form
  • BOM Routing to document manufacturing, assembly, test, and inspection procedures
  • BOM Configurator to drive BOM configuration early on during the prototype phase

BOM Configurations

The BOM Configurator module allows you to manage product configurations for all BOM revisions.
  • Manage separate BOM variants/product configurations for each BOM revision
  • Add, remove, change items from the standard/base BOM for each configuration
  • Select Vendors/Suppliers for each build/manufacturing run
  • Setup default views/columns for each configuration

BOM Routing

The BOM Routing module allows you to document all manufacturing, assembly, test, and inspection procedures.
  • Document manufacturing, assembly, inspection, and test procedures
  • Define/Display operations/stages and steps/sequences (hierarchically)
  • Revision and ECO/Change controlled routing
  • Link to product records for document/graphical depiction
  • BOM/Routing quantity validation

Benefits of Omnify Empower BOM Management

  • Eliminate manual BOM Management processes (Excel spreadsheets, file folders, etc.)
  • Implement streamlined/structured BOM Change/ECO processes
  • Manage all BOM configurations, released and pre-release/prototype BOM revisions
  • Improve data integrity by eliminating manual BOM entry (read directly from Engineering tools)
  • Ensure data accuracy through automatic uploads to ERP and other business systems
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