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Below is a sampling of our many customer success stories.
Redline Communications
Redline Communications Achieves 100% Return on Investment from Omnify Software in First Year
Telecom - Advanced Broadband Wireless Access and Backhaul Solutions
Redline was searching for a PLM solution that would integrate all their Bill of Materials (BOMs), engineering changes/ECOs, and part data into a single repository that could be easily accessible by everyone involved in the product development process (internal teams, contract manufacturing, and offshore design partners).

A key requirement was that the PLM solution could easily integrate with their EDA design environment, Cadence® OrCAD® Capture CIS and was open and scalable enough to allow for future integrations with other applications such as their Financial and Purchasing systems.

Omnify provided Redline with a solution that fit their need for control over BOMs, ECOs, and Documentation in addition to meeting their integration demands.
Return on Investment
 • 100% return on investment in the first year
 • Shortened and streamlined communication cycles with internal and external teams
 • Decreased engineering change cycles
 • Assured data quality by eliminating human error
 • Reduced scrap and rework
 • Complete implementation deployed in days with no downtime
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Remec Broadband Wireless
Company Synchronizes Local and Remote Sites, Reducing Engineering Change Cycle by 46%
Telecom-Integrated Microwave and Millimeter Wave Subsystem Solutions
Remec Broadband Wireless was challenged with arduous paper processes that had to be replicated at two facilities-one in the United States and a manufacturing facility in the Philippines- which resulted in resource burdens and posed a high potential for user error. The company wanted to implement a system for paperless capture of Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) with online approvals and complete tracking of all changes as well as maintain links to CARs (Corrective Action Reports), FAIs (First Article of Inspection), and TDAs (Temporary Deviation Article), for any given part. A single repository for product documentation and controlled product revisions across remote sites was extremely important in order to get everyone in sync.

As a fast growing company, Remec Broadband Wireless looked for an affordable, scalable Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution that also integrated tightly with their existing Intuitive ERP environment in order to provide one common database that sent data to and from the ERP system.
Return on Investment
 • 46% reduction in Engineering Change Order (ECO) cycle time
 • Streamline engineering change process across local and remote sites
 • Access to current and accurate product data for all sites
 • Affordable, robust and scalable PLM system for start-up
 • Direct integration with existing Intuitive ERP system
 • Eliminate arduous paper-based processes
 • Eliminate replication of error-prone data
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TEKTELIC Communications
Rich Feature Set, Usability and Low Cost Prove Ideal for Innovative Start-Up
Cellular Radio Solutions and Micro Base Stations
As a growing company with an experienced staff, TEKTELIC knew that a Product Lifecycle Management system was required early on, prior to their first development project, to ensure that the company had the proper product development processes in place to effectively manage part information, Bill of Materials (BOMs), and engineering changes. This positioned TEKTELIC to remain focused on delivering innovative, low cost solutions as the company grew.

TEKTELIC was looking for a cost effective PLM product that did not introduce significant overhead for their design staff. “We evaluated five PLM products and also considered SaaS PLM packages,” stated Trevor Zapach, Director of Operations for TEKTELIC Communications. “We rejected the larger packages due to their cost and complexity and the SaaS packages due to concerns with data security and limited CAD tool integration. We ultimately selected the solution from Omnify Software due to its rich feature set, usability and low cost.”
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