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Below is a sampling of our many customer success stories.
Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems
Leading Manufacturer of Commercial and Military Aerospace Platforms Realizes Cost Savings by Preventing Late-stage Rework
Aerospace/Defense - Commercial and Military Aerospace Platforms
Like many electronics manufacturers, Astronics AES was challenged with its manual product development processes. The company produces well over 100 products, each with their own processes and workflows, and over 20,000 parts. To position themselves for continued growth and meet the demands of its aerospace customers (Boeing, Panasonic, Avionics, AirBus, among others) for high quality products, the executive team was motivated to look at new strategies that would maintain the company's competitive edge and product reputation in bringing leading electrical power to passengers and airline personnel. Investing in a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system to tighten product lifecycle processes and ensure that accurate product data was shared among design and manufacturing teams was the first step.

The company required a PLM system that provided easy integration with their ERP environment, Intuitive ERP, so that product data such as Bill of Materials (BOMs), drawings and changes could be automatically ported to the Intuitive system and eliminate errors related to hand-entering data. They also wanted the ability to integrate the PLM system with their engineering design environments, SolidWorks and Cadence® OrCAD® CIS.

"We evaluated a number of PLM systems for the purpose of creating a best practices environment and found Omnify's PLM software stood out from the crowd of PLM vendors in terms of it being a robust system, having a seamless interface to our Intuitive ERP and extremely good people standing behind the Omnify product."
Return on Investment
 • Eliminate potential data inaccuracies and costly rework
 • Reduce searching time with data in a single location
 • Standardize and control internal processes
 • Ensure accuracy of data across the enterprise
 • Facilitate meeting ISO and FAA regulatory requirements
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RT Logic-Avtec
Easier and Efficient BOM Revision Management for Design of Complex Data Communications Products
SATCOM and Communications
Real-Time Logic, Inc. (RT Logic) is the leading supplier of innovative signal processing systems providing field-proven capabilities for communication with satellites, spacecraft, missiles, and airborne platforms. ses to solve its customers' toughest real-world engineering problems.

As a leading provider of advanced communications systems, the company generates a large volume of complex engineering products. This environment inevitably results in a high quantity of engineering changes. RT Logic-Avtec needed a way to accurately track all of the Bill of Material (BOM) changes and have the ability to view previous revisions with a clear history of the product’s lifecycle.

The company initially tried to track and manage their engineering change/revision process with Excel spreadsheets. Managing detailed change information in this manor did not provide the security or history tracking that RT Logic-Avtec needed to effectively manage product revisions and the manual entry of information was highly susceptible to data inaccuracies. The company also tried using their existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to manage revisions. Tracking different revisions of the same BOM in their ERP system proved to be time-consuming and tedious, requiring the creation of a different BOM part number for each revision which did not have any relation to each other.

All of RT Logic-Avtec’s product data is now centralized and managed within Empower PLM. The company met its primary goal of eliminating the tedious task of managing BOM information within their ERP system. With features such as complete BOM revision control, audit trails, BOM comparisons and full BOM hierarchy views, Empower PLM makes RT Logic-Avtec’s BOM management process much easier and more efficient. All BOM revisions now exist solely in the Empower PLM system with only the current released BOM residing in ERP.
Return on Investment
 • Eliminate tedious revision management in ERP (70% time savings creating, tracking, updating)
 • 95% reduction in time spent searching for data with centralized product record
 • 100% improved data accuracy through automated processes
 • Traceability on all engineering changes
 • More efficient and effective configuration management
 • Guarantee manufacturing is building to the correct BOM
 • Clear view of product’s lifecycle
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